Posted by: Kate | March 13, 2018


Dear Son,

Well here you are, getting all adult on us. I am so fiercely glad I am your mom, that I have gotten to take this journey with you. And of course it doesn’t end now, just passes through another gate.IMG_4406

I am proud of you. You are becoming a capable man, that people respect. You are a hard worker, a good friend, a thinker and a doer. You continue to create your own path regardless of others, and you protect your truth.IMG_2168

I like you, and I like spending time with you. You are intelligent and funny and observant. You are creative. You have a unique way of looking at the world that makes me stop and think. IMG_3560

Wherever you go from here, your Dad and I will be behind you, supporting you and encouraging you. IMG_4231

It’s finally your turn.



  1. 🌠Happy 18th Birthday! 🎂
    Enjoy! ♡

    • He did, thanks Kim!

  2. Wow! I can’t believe he is turning 18. Happy Birthday Bushboy!

    • You and me both, Kristie :)

  3. Where does the time go and how long must I have been following your blog? He was just a small boy and now he’s all grown up!!!! x

    • As you well know – it happens so fast!

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