Posted by: Kate | March 5, 2018

Hello March

Ah March. Usually this is the month on the coast where we brace for unsettled weather, but as my last post mentioned our entire winter has been unsettled this year. So who knows what March will bring weather-wise! I just hope I can get in to the garden soon. Things are emerging out there and my fingers are starting to itch for the dirt.

March is a busy month in our house – there are milestone birthdays happening which I will talk more about as we get closer to them. We have a Colin James concert to attend (so excited!) and some other fun things planned. This is our first year not thinking about Spring Break, which is just weird.

There is light now in the morning when I walk, which is nice. I realized, as I walked looking from one set of mountains to another (there are mountains to the east, south and west of me) that we are an odd town. We are surrounded by mountains on three horizons, yet  we are not a mountain town. Because we are at the ocean’s edge we are an ocean town. These are the lovely thoughts I have when I walk. Great discussions in my head!

I hope March brings at least a hint of spring to you, where ever you may be.



  1. You’re right, Kate, we in Kelowna have had the strangest unsettled winter, as well. Mostly cloudy skies, I missed seeing the stars at night. Lots of snow, hoping it won’t flood again this spring. I don’t mind the moisture, i.e. snow, rain. It’s what brings us the beautiful lush trees and flowers. And Apples!

    I *am* looking forward to not having to wear so many clothes just to go out for a walk!

    Enjoy gardening! Already your chards (I think) and lettuces look delicious. I’m so excited to hear you’ll be seeing Colin James!! It will be a fantastic night for you ♡ Be sure to get his autograph xo

    ♡ Kim

    • Hope you had the lovely warm weather recently! It is chard, and it does love the cool weather. Got peas in on Sunday!

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