Posted by: Kate | January 28, 2018

Finishing Up

I have 5 current projects on the needles. (By current, I mean projects that I would actually like to finish on a bit of a deadline – this doesn’t take into account those projects that we start just for fun. There’s a few of those in my closet as well.)

  • Socks for my favourite kindergartner. He asked for them directly, so I need to get these done. Before his feet grow again! Second sock was cast on today.
  •  two different cowls for me. Would like to have these to wear this winter…
  • a sweater for the same kindergartner. He doesn’t know about this one, but again, would be good to have it done so he can wear it this year! It is more of a spring sweater, but still.
  • a blanket for Mr. Kate. This keeps getting moved to the bottom of the list, and I think he’s pouting a little about that.

I’m hoping by putting the list here I can hold myself accountable and get these off my needles!


  1. Hmmmmmm! I have sa good few WIPs that require my attention. Sometimes they just need to be taken off the needles and the yarn rewound! ;-)

    • It’s so hard to pull them out though… :)

  2. Hello again dear Kate ☺

    Like so many of us fiber and other artists, I usually have more than one project on the go. The older I am, the more I realize that my knitting or crocheting is more about the process than of the article. It’s fantastic when I *do* finish one, though. Knitting for me is more meditative than ever before. It’s precious time to relax and sort out my relentless thoughts.

    I look forward to seeing your FO’s! Most especially the ones for your little friend. It looks like you’re taking good care of yourself. ♡

    • Little boy socks are done! So nice to “see” you Kim. Got some mail the other day … <3

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