Posted by: Kate | January 21, 2018

Winter Storms

This week brought the first serious winter storms we’ve had this season. Coastal winter storms don’t generally involve snow (although we do get snow it’s not usually stormy) – they involve a lot of wind and a lot of rain!


We don’t face the freezing temperatures of the rest of Canada, but we do face a lot of dark, wet and windy days. It can be a struggle to get out there, but it always feel better once you do (or at least, it does for me). All week I kept up my early morning walks, although they were shorter than some weeks. Then on Saturday I ventured out into the wind before the rain got really heavy. Today I was lucky and caught the break in between rain systems. The wind finally died down at about 6am this morning.img_3251img_3252

There is a wild beauty about the coast that shapes your psyche when you live here. We don’t have that same stoic character that has to face the endless winter of the prairies, instead we have that wildness, that melancholic greyness that is blown out by a good wind storm.IMG_4379

Exhilarating and exciting and proof that I am alive. In all that bluster, I find my peace.IMG_0333

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