Posted by: Kate | January 14, 2018

The Power of the Walk

I realized last summer as my pants got a little tighter and the scale crept up, that something had changed. With the loss of Chika back in 2016 and with my job being busier, I simply wasn’t moving the way I used to. While I still was going for interesting walks on the week-ends, I wasn’t moving regularly during the week.

In late August I set out to change that, and I started getting up a half hour earlier every work day and getting outside for a 20-25 minute walk. I started in August because I knew that I needed it to be second nature to get up and out, before the bad weather came.

My pants are now a little loose, and the scale has crept back down to a number I am happier with. But what I hadn’t counted on (even though we all hear of the benefits) was what else walking in the mornings would bring me.

I don’t listen to music when I walk (especially not in the dark) and so I am left with my thoughts wandering all over the place. I find this centres me for the day, letting me work through things or just contemplate a new project. It has become my morning meditation.

I am calmer these days, and I put that down to walking. My skin and hair look good (or so people tell me). I just feel better.

Just 20 minutes out of my day has made all that difference. It truly is the small things that can effect big changes.


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