Posted by: Kate | April 29, 2017

And So the Garden Grows

Spring has been very coy with us this year – a sunny day followed by cold and rain has been the norm for weeks. But there is no holding back the seasons in the end and so the garden is, although it seems reluctantly, getting on with things.

As usual, the cherry tree was the first to bloom. There have been bees around, so hopefully we will get some cherries.

The Apple tree and the clematis are both greening up.

Maybe this will be the year we finally get a pear?!

Very happy strawberry bed. They are trying to reach out to the other beds, too, and I’m having to pull them out of the path. Cheeky things.

Rhubarb is ready for harvesting!

Lots of herbs are up as well. Unfortunately it looks like my 20 year old rosemary bush was killed by all the snow fall. Another good reason to redo the back bed along the fence this year!

How is your garden space?


  1. You’ve inspired me to get going.

    • None of this is anything I’ve done this year :) Love spring perennials!

  2. It’s looking great Kate. Things are moving here now too. We have honeysuckle and wisteria both about to bloom along with bluebells. Love it! x

    • You’re definitely a few weeks ahead of us.

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