Posted by: Kate | February 22, 2017

The Unknown Things

Feeling like a walk down memory lane, so here are some of those random things about me that are these days mostly unknown…. (the photos are random as well, just some I’ve taken in the last week).

1. I lived in England for a year when I was 7. In Warsash, outside Southampton to be exact. My dad is British and was there on sabbatical working at the University of Southampton.


2. I performed the Athlete’s Pledge at the B.C. Summer Games when I was 15. I was competing for the third year in Orienteering. The Games were in Victoria that year, my home town, and the Opening Ceremonies were televised. When I started at a new high school in September of that year, I actually had some kids come up to me and ask if that was me they had seen on TV that summer.

3. My first job, aside from babysitting which I started with when I was 11, was at a small garden shop in downtown Victoria. I worked there from 14 until I moved away after high school. I was the only person under 40 working there, and I loved it. It definitely sparked my love of all things garden-related, and started my devotion to West Coast Seeds (which were called Territorial Seeds at the time). I got the job because one of my Mum’s best friends was the manager. She is still a very important person in all of our lives.


4. I completed my Grade 7 Royal Conservatory of Music in piano as well as my Advanced Rudiments of music theory. I can still play some songs although I don’t get much opportunity. I am a sight reader, and so can generally muddle my way through if I have the music in front of me. I don’t consider myself a natural musician, not like Bushboy, but I did enjoy it and worked hard at it.


5. The summer between Grade 11 and Grade 12, Mr. Kate and I lived together in Bamfield, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I was working as a nanny for family friends and he was working at the local fishermen’s cafe. It was one of the best times of our lives.

Tell me some random thing about yourself, if you feel so moved…



  1. How lovely to read about some of the special moments in your life! x

  2. Such interesting tidbits!

  3. LOVE this… So many cool things I now know about you! Hmmm…a random thing about me? I was a tri-state all-star basketball player my senior year in high school — I had never picked a basketball up before my freshman year. I played soccer exclusively prior to that. I played center that year even though I am only 5’8″…but I could handle the ball and out-jump all those taller than me. And my Dad worked with me nightly out in the driveway to make sure I had a killer jump shot that I could hit with either my right (my dominant) hand or my left hand (his dominant). I’ve been thinking about this lately for some reason — it feels like I’m looking back on someone else’s life…

    • Too cool!! And funny you mentioned your height because that was the first thought I had when you said basketball! Although I didn’t realize you are 5’8 (tall to me).
      And I know what you mean about it being a lifetime ago, and sometimes like it was even someone else’s lifetime.

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