Posted by: Kate | February 4, 2017

It Just Keeps Falling

We are having a repeat of the snow storm from December. 24 hours of snow and it shows no sign of stopping!


I walked in it this morning, but it’s not easy. My boots are boys’ boots that I bought 13 years ago, and they are loose on my foot so my socks fall off while I’m walking. Plus they are only low calf height, and the snow out there is deep! But it was fun to get out and see the world in white.



Bushboy even got a driving lesson in it, as our car is excellent in snow. He did great!

The knitting bug is still biting. I am working on using up my scraps and tackling some projects/patterns I’ve had in mind for some time. To that end I’ve made two hats, one for my little man E and the other for future giving.

I’ve also started a vest for me with leftover skeins of Berroco Vintage, and a freeform scarf, loosely based on the Flowing River pattern. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m feeling very project focused the last couple of months, having rearranged both the spare room and our bedroom as well as getting my scrapbooking organized and knitting more. Feels good! It may be a way to remind myself in all the political turmoil in the world that in my little corner life is in my control, and creating is always a way to soothe the soul.


  1. But it does look so beautiful. thanks for the pictures – hang in there.

  2. It’s amazing all the snow we have! It does make walking a challenge though. Now we just need to hope our roofs don’t collapse when it starts raining later this week!

    • Well we made it through, Kristie! Here’s hoping that was the last one of the season….

  3. Love the hats and the snow pics. We never seem to have very much here in the UK, but the little we do get always seems to cause turmoil! ;-) Ros

    • As it does here, Ros. This was not unheard of, but definitely unusual enough to send the town to a standstill, much to the amusement of the rest of Canada. We are known as the west coast wussies for a reason :)

  4. It’s beautiful (I can say that now that I can see the grass in my yard…I’m pretty glad the snow is almost gone here…)! Your hats look great and I’m glad to hear that you continue to have the knitting bug! I may post soon but i’ve been taking Saturday off now for the past 3 weeks and being creative. It’s helping me immensely! I have finished 2 knit projects (late Xmas gifts…oy), 1 fiber project, 1 papercut with another in progress, and I’ve been taking a colored pencil class online and doing some drawing. I’m loving it!!!

    • Look at you go!! Love to hear that you are crafting.

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