Posted by: Kate | January 29, 2017

Blowing Out the Cobwebs

When the wind is blowing on a grey January day, there is no better place to be than the beach.

It was cold down there, but exhilarating. I find the wind energizing and instead of cursing it I embrace it.

I love our Harbour city with float planes and boats such an integral part of its daily life. They make up the spirit of this place as much as the islands and rugged coastline that they are used to access do.

At my feet are treasures and beauty. As usual I can’t resist searching for beach glass as I walk.

The trees are used to this wind, and I think I want their strength, that ability to bend and not break.

25 minutes and I have to leave, chilled to the bone but content and recharged.



  1. Beautiful post Kate — pictures and words! I most like being by the water when it is grey and stormy… I, too, feel energized…and even calmed by it. So happy to see your selfies recently!

    • Trying to embrace all that is me ;-)

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