Posted by: Kate | January 21, 2017

Holiday Knitting

I did more knitting this year than last year for the holidays. Not sure why, just felt more in the groove this year and knew what I wanted to make for people.

My mum of course got socks, what she always asks for. Two pairs made it off my needles, the last pair being finished on Christmas Eve.



Some scarfs for my co-workers. One was a Green Bay Packers team scarf, the other a pink Baktus.



A pair of fingerless gloves for my boss, who is a fisherman and loves these. (Apparently I did not take a picture of the finished pair.)


And my favourite, a pair of socks for a very appreciative 4 year old.


I’m still feeling the knitting vibe, having finished Bushboy’s blanket and am now finishing up the second sock of a pair I started for me ages ago (maybe even in 2015?). Having fun planning ahead and feeling crafty these days!



  1. Great gifts!! Nothing like some handmade love! x

  2. Wow — you were productive! All look great and so nice to see that you still have the knitting bug even after all that. I had plans to make slippers for my mom and my good friend….with a matching pair for me. I didn’t make it. working on it now…

    • Totally in the knitting zone right now. Love my ereader!

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