Posted by: Kate | January 13, 2017

Oh the Math!


The Curve of Pursuit blanket is done – almost. The pattern itself is complete, however because this is for a young man who is 5’10” and potentially still growing, it needs to be a bit longer. I am adding stripes equal to the width of the border at each end (orange, brown, oatmeal, brown). Then it will be done. Well, then and when I’ve sewn in the rest of the ends.


Now let’s talk about the awesomeness that is Woolly Thoughts patterns and their mathness (yup, totally made that word up). According to the designers “Curve of Pursuit is based on the curves that are formed if four dogs set off to chase each other from the corners of a field. The path created by each dog is an equi-angular spiral”. I cannot tell you how this level of math and knitting combining forces makes my heart happy.

Oh, and both Bushboy and Panda approve.





  1. That is an amazing blanket, Kate! Don’t you love that feeling you get when you can feast your eyes on a special project like your blanket and feel like it was totally worth every stitch put into it? It almost looks like it should be framed and put on a wall rather than used as a blanket.

    • Thanks Kristie! The pattern is actually designed so that it could be a wall hanging as well. And yes, definitely worth every stitch!!

  2. It’s beautiful and I love the math connection.

    • Thanks Veronica! I can’t believe how excited this pattern kept me, considering it is all short row garter stich.

  3. That pattern has been on my “to make someday” list for many years. Gorgeous.

    • It was loads of fun and quite easy once you get into the rhythm of it.

  4. The blanket is absolutely beautiful! I love it! x

    • Thanks Ros!

  5. This. Is. Awesome. I’m glad it is Bushboy approved but then why wouldn’t it be. Loving the orange in here even though that’s not normally a color I’m drawn to!

    • Thanks Rachel. I really love it.

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