Posted by: Kate | September 4, 2016

Out with a Fizzle….

The last week of August felt decidedly like fall, although today the sun is finally back. The rain and cooler temperatures confused the garden. And there is a cold virus making the rounds that both Mr. Kate and I have caught.

But aside from all that there have been some lovely moments in the past few weeks.

A baby blanket made it off my needles in time to greet its new owner. (My own made up log cabin design.)

There are squash growing in my garden.

And beans. Always lots of beans.

The loaded apple tree actually split a branch! Some judicious pruning to be done this fall. This is definitely the biggest crop yet.

There has been scrapbooking and reading and visiting as well. Some fun back to school clothes shopping. 

Now though I am ready for September and hopefully a warm slide towards fall. Time to be in the garden and kitchen. Time to slow the frantic summer pace of the west coast, where we don’t dare waste a moment of summer, and enjoy these last weeks of summer. I hope wherever you are, you are doing the same.



  1. All good things! I’m glad to hear that you are easing into the slower pace of autumn. I love summer but there are days that it just all seems so frantic…the darkness settling in earlier and earlier seems to allow us to slow down. And for that I’m grateful.

    • Summer is definitely frantic a lot of the time – all that make hay while the sun shines and what-not!

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