Posted by: Kate | July 29, 2016


A friend gave us some pickling cucumber plants this year, so I threw them in the garden. Turns out they like it there! So now that we have pickling cukes, it is time to research making pickles!

Now we are a pretty choosy pickle family so I haven’t ventured into pickle making. I’m not into making big batches of things that we might not want to eat. But small batches with cucumbers as they ripen? I can get behind that. 

First I made regular dill pickles. Some with garlic and some without. Three jars are refrigerator pickles (the lighter green in the pictures although the turned the darker green eventually) and three jars I canned (the second picture above).

Then I got adventurous and decided to make a small batch of bread and butter pickles. These are also kept in the fridge.

I did buy a $5 bag of pickling cukes from the local farmers’ market, but I kept note of which jars were made with our cucumbers.

The verdict on the refrigerator dill pickles? One thumb up, as they are a bit vinegary. A tablespoon of sugar in the next batch should help. The bread and butter pickles need at least 24 hours to sit, so we’ll keep you posted!


  1. This is the way I do pickles too, a couple jars here, a couple jars there, as the cucs are ready. One year I did not process the jars at all, just popped them in the fridge. They were good for many months.

    • I’m liking this way. And good news on the refrigerator ones – pulling the canner out every time is a bit tedious.

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