Posted by: Kate | July 3, 2016

Small Pleasures

While there is no doubt something about a breathtaking experience that resonates (the Grand Canyon at sunset will forever live in my brain) life does not generally provide those moments on a regular basis. But if you’re lucky, and lift your head from your daily path and open your heart, then small pleasures can find you at any moment.

A friend of mine who has been far away for 8 long years knocked on my door last night. I knew she was on her way but what struck me was how good it was to have her in arm’s reach again. To know I could call and she might be able to see me that day. That connection. And to know she was just as happy to have that again.

When I walk by the lavender that lines the driveway I can hear the bees. I stopped and counted the other evening – there were 16 of them just on one plant.

I learned a new word today. It gives me a little rush whenever that happens. I was reading along and came across the word minatory. I had to stop and look it up. (Love my Kobo with its built in dictionary.) I was so tickled to learn a new word I shared it with my guys, who humoured my love of language as they always do. It means ‘having a menacing quality’ and it was delicious in the situation it was used.

Bushboy’s eyes lit up when he saw all the jars on the counter. “Jam, at last we have real jam again!” 

A morning in the summer, picking berries at a local farm. So not a chore.

So many small pleasures in my life it makes my heart swell. Keep your eyes and mind open, because these small moments are everywhere.


  1. Great pics of summer! Nothing like homemade jam to be sure! Ros x

    • It has been a staple all my life as my mum is a jam-maker as well!

  2. Love. All of it.

    • ♥️

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