Posted by: Kate | June 20, 2016

Observing as I Walk

It took me a couple of weeks after Chika’s passing to feel comfortable going for my neighbourhood walks, but I’ve been back out the last few nights. I pick a different loop each night, and love seeing the sights.

One direction takes me to the ocean views, while the other direction takes me to mountain views. Both are different every night, changing with the light and the clouds and for the ocean the activity on it.

Last night I spotted this giant wasp nest high in a tree in someone’s front yard. I had to resist the urge to run, but it definitely made me shudder!

One of my favourite things walking in the evening is seeing all the cats on driveways soaking up the warmth from the concrete. They’re everywhere! I love how they try to pretend I can’t see them.

Do you like observing as you walk?



  1. Glad to hear you are taking your evening walks again. Evenings/nights are definitely my favorite time to walk around our small town. I am quite the observer which is probably no surprise to you…so much so that I don’t consider my evening walks ‘exercise’ because I’m more interested in observing than I am in maintaining a good pace!

    • Observing versus pace – definitely a toss up some nights!

  2. Think I would have made a run for it if I’d spotted that wasp nest! There are plenty of cats in our neighbourhood too, including a couple who love to hold their ground and outstare Oscar. He’s usually the one to give up first! x

    • Ha yes the cat stare down is one we were quite familiar with when Chika was with us!

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