Posted by: Kate | June 4, 2016

Romance Junkie

I have read every main genre, all the ‘top’ authors, classics old and modern. Since I was four, I have been a passionate reader. But the one thing I always get flack for reading – romance novels.

I kind of hate that term. The novels I have read under the term ‘romance’ have been as varied as the literary novels I have read. Yes they do have the happy ending and the angst in common. But the stories range from mysteries to comedies to sweet and sassy. They are stories, and the one criteria I have, as with any book I read, is that they be well-written stories.

It irritates me when people belittle those who read romance novels. I know life isn’t always happily ever after or big romantic gestures. But I read for fun. Some people enjoy movies that make people scream. Those terrify me, but I don’t think less of someone else for watching them. Why does reading a love story make me ‘less’ of a reader?

As someone who people consider ‘smart’ I find myself defending my choice of reading material far too often. “Why would you read those silly books?” 

I read what I like. And I like love in all shapes and sizes, so I read about love. 

Get over it.



  1. Oy — I hope it wasn’t my comment that brought this post on…because I hope you know I’m not a book snob (at least that is my word for people who judge other people and their reading choices). To me, reading and movies are a way to escape my real world — it’s why I hardly ever read non-fiction or even nature/science themed books or watch documentaries. I get enough of that in my day to day. At the end of the day, I just want to be entertained and to have my mind taken away from whatever caused me stress that day.

    That said, one of the reasons I started doing the book challenge is because lately I’ve not actually been as discriminating as you…there are a lot of books/series that I’ve been reading (and I admit, enjoying) that are definitely not written well. And that was the trap I was falling into…there’s nothing wrong with ‘easy’ and ‘happy’, but I was slowly forgetting what good writing was.

    Outside of hoping it wasn’t me that brought this on, my initial thought when I read it was that I could write this exact post on the attitude folks have when they find out I knit. I seem to always be defending that choice and it makes me a little crazy!

    • No! Not you. Will write directly to reply I think… And I agree about the knitting.

  2. Knitting and reading are two of my ‘can’t live withouts’. I read whatever takes my fancy and knit whatever I choose. Others can judge me as they wish. I’m very happy in my woolly and books world! :-) Ros x

    • Well said.

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