Posted by: Kate | May 27, 2016

Garden Explosion

We’ve had a warm spring and the garden is happy!

It’s amazing to me how quickly things grow. We’ve been eating pac choi by the bucketful and a couple of the potato plants are almost big enough to scrounge under for new potatoes.

So happy to be growing again.


  1. Oh! Someone growing pac choi like I am! Wondering how think the stems get, as mine are very thin (photo on my page). Looking forward to following, always happy to find someone who loves gardening as well. Happy growing!

    • Happy growing indeed! Left a comment on your post re the pax choi.

  2. Your garden (s) look fabulous…I’m a bit jealous (although I may have more flexibility to visit the FSJ farmer’s market this summer so even if I’m not growing, I can eat super fresh vegetables!). I love how excited you are by growing again!

    • Glad you have access to a farmers market this year! And I really am excited to be growing veggies again.

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