Posted by: Kate | May 15, 2016

Be Active Update

One of the ways I am trying to be active this year is in reaching out to friends. This is hard for introverts, I can happily spend the weekends reading my books, knitting and hanging out with my boys and frankly need to do a lot of that to recharge my batteries before another work week. But I do value my friendships, so I’m putting effort into making those calls.

This being the year to ‘be active’ I’m connecting with friends in the best way I know how – walking outside. A double ‘be active’ score.

 Double win, in other words.


  1. Join us on Wednesday night at Starbucks near London Drugs! We’d love to have you, haven’t seen you in forever! I love reading your blog, by the way. Take care.

    • Thanks Leanne! Week nights are pretty hectic these days – but you never know.

  2. Walking is a great way to connect with friends. I have someone I walk with once a week. But to be honest, as much as I enjoy it, I think I prefer the other 6 days of solitary, contemplative walking.

    • :) a fellow introvert.

  3. Especially now, I’m glad you are reaching out a bit. I’m very much like you as you well know — but lately I’m realizing that as long as it is in limited doses, those connections with good friends go a long way to helping me stabilize my mood (they have to be good friends or else it goes the other way!). AND — with respect to a goal of ‘be active’, that accountability really helps me. I’d often rather go at it alone but sometimes I need the help getting going… Thanks for the update — keep walking among the salmonberry!

    • True – making plans to walk means I actually walk!!

  4. I feel ya! From one introvert to another :) great post.

    • Thanks. Only an introvert can really understand.

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