Posted by: Kate | May 11, 2016

Spring Summer

May has been a lot more like summer than spring, with lots of warm, sunny days. 

That means walking by the water more as well as hanging out or working in the garden. 

Evening walks are getting later, thanks to more light. We are eating from the garden already – rhubarb, chives, parsley and pac choi.

The sciatica is still there; I’m working long days. But… The sun is shining and I live here.



  1. Looks beautiful as always –although the summer in spring doesn’t bode well for fire season (as I’m experiencing right now!). I’m sad to hear that your sciatica is still causing you problems…I was hoping that your back had taken a turn for the better. Great that you can still be positive despite that…much better than I am at that (my back flared badly the past 6 weeks or so and I’m pretty sure it’s stress related — I wasn’t so gracious about it!).

    • Well if my back itself were hurting again I’d be less gracious. The sciatica is simply annoying.
      Thinking of you up there – stay safe.

  2. Oh how I love your shots of your locality. Evening walks must be absolute bliss! Ros x

    • They really are. Very spoiled here!

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