Posted by: Kate | April 26, 2016

Out in the Trails

We are so fortunate that we have many, many trails to choose from in our town. Sunday, after some time spent planting, Mr. Kate and I  went and walked one of my favourites.

It takes us along a tributary or two of the Campbell River and then opens up to the estuary. I like coming at the ocean from behind the river, so to speak. There are islets and inlets along the way, and you don’t even realize the ocean is out there until the farthest point of the walk when you look across to the spit that separates the estuary from the ocean.

April 24 walk2

The area has been reclaimed, as this was a hard-working river in the 1900s, acting as a log dump and transportation hub for a lot of resource activity on the north end of the island as well as the central coast. The local Greenways group is still working on it, and they have created an amazing space in an industrial area of town.

April 24 walk1

My friend and I sometimes pick blackberries here in the summer, and have come across a bear while doing so. Most of the time we just come across a lot of dogs, as it is a popular dog walking trail.

April 24 walk3

I like that it is still a working estuary. It is safer, and healthier, and cleaner, but it is still a working space. That is so true for this resource town we live in where nature is as loved.

(Do you see nature at the top of the crane? I’ll give you a better look. I don’t have a strong zoom lens, so it’s still small, but you can see it.)April 24 walk4

Love being out on the trails with my guy on a simple Sunday afternoon. Breathing, absorbing, observing, talking. Living outside where I belong.



  1. I sort of love that you not only show the amazingly pretty places that you visit on the island, but that you often share the history of the area! When I do get that way to visit you, I’ll feel like I know the place already!

    • One day…

  2. I always love to come along on your trips around your local area; stunning photos and lots of history! Love! Ros x

    • Thanks Ros. It’s a pretty cool corner of the world and I like to share!

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