Posted by: Kate | April 19, 2016

Blooming Beauty

Spring is here in a big way. Lawns are being mowed ( thanks to Bushboy), dandelions are bringing yellow to the boulevards, and trees and shrubs are bursting.

The fruit trees are all blooming in the back yard. Pear above, cherry and apple below.

Peas and pac choi are up in the garden and the rhubarb continues its attempts at backyard domination.

I can tell spring is early – the lilacs are already blooming!

I still feel overwhelmed when I look at the garden, but little by little I’m taking control. I haven’t given up yet.

Another clean corner. The rest will come.



  1. I envy you your fruit trees! It is more like summer than spring here. We got up to 29 yesterday, and the same is forecast for today. Our clematis is blooming, which seems very early to me. And I noticed lots of lilac bushes in bloom yesterday when I was driving to Bellingham.

    • We’re 21 here yesterday and today. Need to water the veg garden if it stays this warm. Clematis in April is just crazy!

  2. Lovely – thanks.

  3. Beautiful pics! Fruit tree blossom, especially apple, has to be amongst the prettiest of all flowers. Love it! Ros

    • I agree! And right now we have the lovely blossom snow that the kids love so much!

  4. I so love the blossoms of spring. And I have to admit that I still think of you every time my lilac blooms. I’ve been going outside multiple times a day and just standing and inhaling that sweet scent. Slow and steady wins the race as they say… And if it doesn’t all get done, no harm. (can you repeat that last one back to me on occasion?).

    • Sunny weekend here. Tomorrow is garden day (today was taxes day plus tutoring).

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