Posted by: Kate | April 11, 2016


We took a little time this week-end to do some exploring down island. Bushboy went to a concert with his aunt while Mr. Kate and I enjoyed some free time, some dinner out (both on our own and then the next night with good friends), and did some sight-seeing in areas we don’t usually visit.

First up was Cowichan Bay, where we had a lovely dinner at a waterside restaurant. This is a quaint little west coast village on southern Vancouver Island, with houseboats and little seaside cottages. The sunset was beautiful.




The next day we went to the Kinsol Trestle. What a great walk and historic site!





Love this island and that there is so much to explore right here at home.



  1. Oh wow, that bridge is amazing, we may have to make a trip up this summer.

    • So much to find on Vancouver Island!!

  2. Such beautiful photos as always. Stunning sunsets! Ros

    • Thanks Ros!

  3. Very cool. And glad you got a date night out with Mr. Kate!

    • Date weekend in fact😊

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