Posted by: Kate | April 3, 2016

Week-ends Are For….

Garden fever has hit! We are having a mild early Spring, which means lots of garden time. 

I find it hard to manage my time well when this happens. When you only have two days in the week-end it is hard to fit all that you want to do, plus the chores and errands that you should do. 

Book-keeping, house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry… When there are gardens to dig, socks to knit, walks to take and books to be read?!

How do you manage your week-ends?



  1. I try to do a few bits and pieces each evening, as well as allowing myself a bit of ‘me’ time too! That means weekends can be freed up a little, but it also means I often go to bed too late!!!! Ros x

    • Yeah, sleep time definitely gets sacrificed! Smart lady, keeping up a bit during the week!

  2. That pull between outdoor and indoor pursuits is always a tough one to manage at this time of the year. It has been so beautiful here that I have been doing lots of stuff outside, but I was also in the middle of a sewing spree before the good weather hit, and have felt reluctant to set it aside while I do other things. No worries about that this morning though. The rain has returned.

    • We have another week of sun coming… My poor house.😏

  3. Such a struggle each and every day…I feel the pain! So glad that your garden is coming along!

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