Posted by: Kate | March 11, 2016

Friday Quote

His career-crowning idea of evolution by natural selection is a triumph of human achievement that sprang from the perfectly achievable endeavors of careful observation, meticulous note-taking, and joyous, boundless curiousity.

Darwin Slept Here ~Eric Simons

I went in to Journalism because A) I loved to write and B) I had an endless fierce curiousity about everything. I think there is a story everywhere and I love to ask questions. Curiousity is not encouraged enough in school-aged children (while we like our students to do reports and essays we prefer they not go beyond the accepted facts and figures that we all know). People get exasperated when you want to know things all the time. Except for when it is time for a trivia night and they need a partner, of course. Those words above? The joyous, boundless curiousity mixed with observation and note-taking? They make my heart sing.



  1. Joyous, boundless curiosity… I think, through dealing with the unwelcome politics of my job, that I’ve lost this. And maybe it’s because I don’t have time for it any more or if I do have the time, I just don’t have the will for it any more. I miss it though. Funny that I’ve been thinking how much I miss it and then comes this quote…

    • Your issue is common, I think. Loss of passion or joy or natural curiousity through mind-numbing politics or repeated work or whatever. I hope you can find it, a little bit at least, again.

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