Posted by: Kate | March 3, 2016

Creature Comforts

It seems so cliche to say that our pets are part of the family. These four very different creatures who have invaded our lives and our space with their personalities. There are days they drive us crazy, with fur and cat sick on the carpets. There are days they constantly demand from us, for food and attention.

But then, there are the days they comfort us, with warm bodies and soft eyes. There are days they entertain us, with antics and behaviour that defies explanation.

For millennia humans have connected with animals in a need for both service and comfort. And we are better, and richer, for it.

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  1. beautiful cats and a beautiful sentiment.
    i couldn’t agree more!

    • :)

  2. What gorgeous kitties! They are ridiculously beautiful. Your essay is as well- so wonderfully said!

    • They know it, too ;-)

  3. 100% agree…though my pets aren’t in my home, I’m a better person because of my interactions with animals. And as a huge introvert, the quiet company I get from them is critical to my mental well-being. Someday soon I’ll have the ‘at the house’ kind and can’t wait.

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