Posted by: Kate | February 22, 2016


Introverts tend to spend a lot of time in their own heads, generally comfortable with their own thoughts. I spend a lot of time writing in my head – snippets of poetry, letters, blog posts and essays mostly.

beach feb 8-4

I’m trying to spend less time in self-contemplation (that can lead to needless worrying) and more time contemplating the world around me. I like to observe, the journalist training no doubt but also my natural inclination.

beach feb 8-3

I am having success in using my camera more, which makes me happy. Still playing around with settings and manual versus automatic. I have to remember to put a small notebook in my pocket though, so I can remember what settings I was using.

I continue to feel an awakening in myself, along with the lighter days perhaps. I have been scrapbooking more and in general more interested in other hobbies and activities. Looking outside myself once again. A spring cleaning for the soul perhaps.

beach feb 8-5

There are stories all around and observations to be made. There is just so much to see.


  1. Your photographs are stunning! I’d say you are having rather a lot of success with your camera! :-) Ros x

    • Thanks Ros, I am enjoying playing!

  2. Love the shell photo…great detail! I agree with so much written here. And when you wrote about spending less time in self-contemplation, it made me stop for a moment. I think I’m still in the section of ‘my journey’ where self-contemplation is good and I need it to remain a focus. And yet, what you said, also very much struck a chord with me. Lately I’ve been ‘in my head’ so much that I haven’t noticed anything around me. Flowers are blooming, grass is greening up…the air has changed. And this weekend was the first I noticed. Thank you for the gentle reminder Kate.

    • My pleasure. Inner contemplation can definitely be good, I just know for me it can get too overwhelming and turn negative after a certain point. Thus my need to ‘be active’!

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