Posted by: Kate | February 5, 2016

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grand canyon20

I’ve never thought much about a ‘Bucket List’. I really like my life, love where I live and generally find enough adventure in my days that I don’t dream or make lists about what if and when I can. A little Pollyanna of me, sure. A little introverted of me as well. Plus I have travelled in my life, many places, and have seen many things already. But this? Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon? Watching a sunset? This was, without a doubt, a Bucket List moment.



  1. So gorgeous! I hope to make it there someday as well.

    • I hope you make it there one day, too!!

  2. I’ve never done a bucket list either — although there are a few trips that every once in awhile I think about and know they are ‘bucket list’ material (topping that list is going to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda before they are extinct). In 1984 we took a 1 month road trip from West Virginia to California to see the summer Olympics. We stopped at all the must-sees and of course the Grand Canyon was one of them — we met up with my cousins and spent 4 or 5 days there. I was 11 and while I have many memories of the canyon, I think was too young to fully appreciate the natural wonder of such a place. I really need to go back as an adult..and I’m not sure I realized that until I saw this incredible photo. Thanks for sharing!

    • It was absolutely the geology/natural history geeky side of me that was simply awestruck by the Canyon. I highly recommend a return trip!

  3. Just beautiful!!!!!!

    • It really was amazing.

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