Posted by: Kate | February 3, 2016

Welcome February

I am a big fan of February. Mostly because it means that January is behind us, and the days are starting to get a little longer. February means the annual scrapbooking girls’ week-end away. It means longer days and the occasional moment of warmth amidst the rain and storms. It means colours other than green and grey start to creep back into the world, for those who remember to look around.




  1. This is a gorgeous picture Kate! And is a treat for my eyes since outside we’ve just gotten about 6 inches of the white stuff today.

    I’ve never liked February much and I think it’s the lengthening day length. I enjoy more light but it means the countdown to the field is really beginning. And that means…hiring technicians. So yeah, February and I have a rocky relationship!

    • Already that time for you? :(

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