Posted by: Kate | January 27, 2016

Project Completion

I did get some projects finished for Christmas, although I didn’t photograph them all. A habit I need to get back into, taking photos of the knitting.

mum's 2015 xmas soxks2

My Mum’s socks were done in time for her return from holidays. Still no idea on the yarn, but the colours are nice and worked well with the pattern, Groovy Socks from Pixie Purls. Once I got myself back in the ‘groove’ of it, that is!


The Eleanor Cowls were for my work colleagues. They are knit from an alpaca yarn (can’t find the label at the moment, will have more details on Ravelry) which was lovely to work with. I knit them flat so that I could leave a bit of a gap at the top – I find even when I bind off loosely with a larger needle it can still be restrictive to pull on and off. Next time I think I’d leave an even larger gap and put a button on it. But I love the pattern and really enjoyed knitting some delicate lace again.

I also finished up some dishcloths and made another hat for my favourite three year old, which I have seen is being worn in action!

January, as for so many knitters, is about finishing up 2015 projects and assessing what I want on my needles for 2016. One project is off the needles already, just needs buttons and ends sewn in. A pair of socks is up next.

What are you knitting these days?



  1. Fabulous socks, Kate! I’m sure you’re Mum loves them. I love the pretty cowls you’ve knit, too. The lucky recipients will love them ♡

    • I enjoyed the cowls, don’t know if the recipients will wear them or not. Cowls are funny that way.

  2. Beautiful. My favorite pair of socks are the two pair my mom knit for me.

    • My mum only wears my knit socks, so I know she loves them.

  3. Such lovely gifts! I love the color of the socks, they seem extra snuggly.

    • Thanks Claire!

  4. All look great and I will say YES to photographing and documenting your knits more (I need to do that too)! ;) I seem to have lost my knitting mojo lately and am struggling to get it back. i have so many projects started that I’m hesitant to cast on yet another (I get nervous with too many WIPs!). YET…like you maybe, my fingers are itching for some lace right now for some reason. I’ve been thinking about casting on something delicate with laceweight!

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