Posted by: Kate | January 20, 2016

Scrapbook Organization

I finally got around to one of those jobs that always gets put to the end of the list. For me it was organizing and dating my scrapbooks.

scrapbook organization1

This involved taking up most of the couch, as I needed to pull apart almost every album (at some point the albums had become summer to summer instead of year to year, and I found it irritating to find events in the right album with it that way, so I was moving about half of every album to another album to get the years in order).

scrapbook organization2

If you don’t scrapbook you might not know this – those pages once in page protectors are really slippery! More than once I ended up with a stack sliding across the floor.

scrapbook organization3

But in the end I had a stack of albums organized by year ready to go back on the shelf. And the satisfaction of a job off the end of the list.



  1. Oh my word, that looks like a monster job! Satisfying when complete though, I guess! Ros

    • It was one of those things that niggled at the back of my head every time I put new pages into my current album. So yes, very satisfying to get it done!

  2. This looks like a huge job…but I can almost imagine how satisfying this was to you to have it finished!

    • So satisfying!!

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