Posted by: Kate | January 17, 2016

Finding Time

Before the New Year was barely in the door I had two editing jobs and a writing assignment on my home desk. This is a good thing – I like the work and the clients and appreciate being busy. But it also challenged me to immediately put my word “Be Active” into use.snow4

I have been taking walks pretty much every day. Many have been in the woods, and thanks to some cold weather many have even been with snow on the ground. I have been scrapbooking, which has made me very happy. And I have been playing  with my camera.


This first set of images was taken in my garden right after the last snow fall. I have edited these images – they were a little too dark for my liking so I worked on them a bit in Adobe Elements.


The set below is from today, while I was waiting for my walking partner at the agreed upon place. These images are not edited – I was playing with manual settings versus automatic settings. The first two are varying the brightness on my manual exposure, while the third one is what the camera chose on automatic. An interesting lesson.

camera experimentjan173camera experimentjan171camera experimentjan172

There are more things on my lists to tackle, but I am pleased overall with the progress of this first month.



  1. Sounds like your year is off to a great start and you’re enjoying being active in so many different ways! There is nothing more fun than a wintery walk, especially with some snow and a camera! Thanks for taking us with you!

    • Considering most of our winter walks are in rain and wind, it has been a pleasant break. A memory now, as I look at the rain outside and debate how far the dog really needs to go….

  2. I’m late here so hopefully you are continuing to be active! I also love that you are playing with your camera and messing with the manual settings. I am curious though — of the last set of 3 images, which one do you prefer? ;)

    • I liked the first one best, although Mr. Kate liked the third one.

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