Posted by: Kate | January 5, 2016

Winter Walk

I love walking in the woods here in winter. The ferns are so green, and with the deciduous trees bare of leaves there is much more light than in the summer.

jan 2 walk3

There is generally a lot of water involved in a winter walk here, with high rivers and many puddles. Thanks to a cold snap starting the new year, rather than being very muddy the trails are icy and frosty right now. This means stepping carefully so as not to slip, but not being covered in mud at the conclusion of the walk.

jan 2 walk1

When the sun shines in the winter we don’t go to the woods, as we need all the Vitamin D we can get out here on the wet coast. But on an overcast day, the forest and the rivers are perfect places for winter walks.

jan 2 walk4



  1. Your photos are lovely. And show one of the things I love about the west (northwest for me, southwest for you!)…there can still be color in the winter what with the conifers, the ferns, and the moss. Back east, everything is so grey all winter long and it gets depressing after a bit.

    Seems like you are starting the year off right…

    • When we were walking that was exactly what my friend commented on, that we are so green in the winter. Even our grass is usually really green!

  2. I love seeing the photos of your locality. Such a beautiful area! Ros

  3. winter is my absolute favorite time for walking. i always feel so alive and energized by getting out there in the cold. i love your new years walk tradition- what a great way to start the year!

    • It was the first year Bushboy didn’t join us though – he was working. That was definitely a shift.

  4. Lovely winter photos :-) It’s great to go for walks in the brisk, chilly air. I definitely need my daily dose of vit D, so when the sun appears between the heavy blanket of clouds, we’re jumping to be outside.

    Bush Boy is now working?! When did he grow up so fast?

    • Sixteen very soon!

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