Posted by: Kate | January 2, 2016

2016 Word

morning frost nov3

My word for 2016 came to me early in the fall. My sciatic pain was finally starting to resolve and I was ready to face my life again. Repeating through my mind and thoughts over and over was one simply phrase:


I feel very ready for this word. I am more positive and needing action in my life. Assertive action, fun action, moving forward action. Every day, I will in some way choose to BE ACTIVE.

My word for 2015 was Focus, and I did. Unfortunately some of the year was spent focused on pain, but that’s the way of life. I liked the word and felt like it helped me plan different areas. But now I am ready for direction, for command, for decisiveness. 

I have some specific plans for action, which I will fill you in on throughout the year. I am excited to greet the new year!


  1. BE ACTIVE! A great motto for 2016. Happy New Year to you! Ros

    • And to you, Ros!

  2. I think this is a great choice! And I’m happy to hear that your back is getting better. I know how debilitating and oppressive having that kind of constant pain can be — this past year was the first in many when my back hasn’t restricted my movement in some form or another.

    I hope that part of your action plan involves getting back into your garden. There is a normal ebb and flow to those things at times, sure, but it seems like nurturing a garden generally provides you with a lot of joy during the summer. Hopefully you’ll get that back this year!

    Happy 2016 Kate — looking forward to seeing what you get into this year. ;)

    • You know me so well – the garden is high on my list of priorities for this year!!

  3. I always look forward to hearing the word you’ve chosen for the year. Very inspiring, a great choice!

    • Thanks Claire. I’m feeling inspired by it!

  4. Great WOTY 2016! It sound like you’re already starting to Be Active, keep it up & hope your sciatic pain goes away!

    I have given some thought for my WOTY 2016. Grateful.

    It’s been popping in my head for weeks. And I have so so many people and things to be grateful for. Maybe it’s the terrible news we see on television that I am grateful to live in a free country, have a roof over my head, food, warmth and good friends and family. I’m grateful.

    • I love the word Grateful. Nice choice.

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