Posted by: Kate | December 29, 2015

The Written Word

A well turned phrase, a quirky word, a sly humour in a sentence – there is such a delight in these for me. I’m currently reading Patrick Rothfuss’ “The Wise Man’s Fear” (The Kingkiller Chronicles Day Two) and immensely enjoying it. It is fantasy, so not everyone’s cup of tea, but Rothfuss’ writing is refreshing, lyrical, humourous at the right moments and simply pleasant to read. I don’t have to work hard to interpret what the words are telling me, but for all that the story is not simple. There is a deceptive softness to the words that bely the gravity of some of the story. My colleague got me into the series, and I’m so glad.

I find myself chuckling out loud when I read a delicious phrase. There have been some books that Mr. Kate has looked at me warily as I can’t stop laughing at something I have read. Of course, the reverse is also true. I have excused myself from the room as I found myself crying over a turn in the story.

Words for me are so powerful and delightful and comforting and challenging. A well-turned phrase can make my day.



  1. Yes. So much yes to what you wrote here. Those books that top my list of all-time favorites are not there because of the story (although many are fabulous stories) but because of the reaction, the emotions, that they evoked in me. Or because of a mastery of language that has me wanting to highlight every other sentence in order to remember the brilliance. Oh, the power of words.

    • Kindred spirit.

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