Posted by: Kate | December 16, 2015

December Days

This holiday feels very different from ones in the past, and that is ok. Bushboy is not so wrapped up in the prelude to Christmas – he actually went without his advent calendar for the first time since he was 1; I have been busy working, editing and tutoring; my parents are both away for the holidays.

dec 162

I like it. I like the slower pace, the small shopping list. I like the calmness. I think this is right for me, for us. It takes me back to the days when Mr.Kate and I lived in Ottawa and spent Christmases as just the two of us.

dec 161

My sister-in-law will join us for a few days at Christmas, and that is a good thing. I am knitting. We are putting up our tree tonight – I think the latest we have put it up ever.

dec 163

Our weather has been very wet, except for the days in between storm systems which are cold and sparkly. The frost patterns on the deck delight me, as do the pink mornings.



  1. beautiful photos to match your beautiful words.
    enjoy the relaxed pace and your wonderful family!!

    • I really am.

  2. There haven’t been too many nice days between storm systems, have there? A quiet Christmas can be every bit as nice as a hectic, overcrowded one. We’re signed up for the latter. What subjects are you tutoring?

    • Grade 9 English. I only take one student at a time, so that’s it. I see her every Saturday.

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