Posted by: Kate | December 11, 2015

Friday Quote

Every trace of their living has returned to the earth now, except for the limestone temples of art and worship. The things made of ambition, which rise higher than daily bread.

~The Lacuna; Barbara Kingsolver

I am always drawn to the concept of leaving traces behind that puzzle future civilizations. The poem Ozymandius, by Percy Shelley, has long been one of my favourites for so beautifully phrasing this sentiment. So when I came across this in The Lacuna I was pleased. Of course Barbara Kingsolver would write such a phrase.



  1. The Lacuna – great story…and yes, Kingsolver is a master.

    • She absolutely is, and The Lacuna was so delightfully different from both her other stories and anything else in the literary world at the moment.

  2. And on to this one… I am a huge fan of Kingsolver as you probably already know. I’ve read every single thing she has written…except this novel. I’ve started it more times than I care to admit and I just can’t get interested. That said, I started and stopped To Kill a Mockingbird probably 10 times having the same problem until one day when it finally clicked and I simply could not put the darn thing down. And that book remains one of my all time favorite books. Apparently I need to give The Lacuna another chance!

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