Posted by: Kate | October 22, 2015

Family Time

With Bushboy now working as well as going to school, family time outside of the house is less frequent. But when it happens, it still is most likely to involve some time outside.


This was taken during a quick walk at the Courtenay Air Park (it’s where the sea planes take off from). You can see fall is well under way here, both by the changing colours and the damp grey light. (Trust me, it’s damp.)

Even when we see either of my parents, or Mr. Kate’s sister, family time still involves the outdoors, usually in the form of a walk. There is something connecting about being together outside.



  1. I couldn’t agree more! Our family always seems closest when we are together outside. I love that my husband constantly works to get us all out together. There are so many distractions inside, but outside we can just be together: no chores, no electronics, no distractions…

    • Yes!

  2. Nothing like the great outdoors. I never like to spend a whole day inside without some outdoors time. Enjoy! Ros

    • Dogs help with that, hey?

  3. I agree!

    • Somehow I know you would…

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