Posted by: Kate | September 7, 2015

Well Hello September

Summer seems to have ended rather abruptly for the island this year. It’s quite possible of course that things will straighten out and we’ll have a typical, beautiful September. But right now it has been a week of rain, cloud and cool temperatures. Quite the shock to adjust to after months of dry weather!

In some ways it’s kind of nice. We got out in the garden this week-end for the first time in ages, as it was cool enough to work. And we took Chika down to the beach and didn’t have to worry about the hot rocks burning his paws.

chika beach sept

September has always been one of my favourite months, all the back to school beginnings and cooler evenings make me feel more alive and active than the hot summer days.

Bushboy starts Grade 10 this week (yup, I said Grade 10). That’s a bit of an adjustment for all of us, realizing that the years that count are here and now when it comes to preparing for ‘after school’. I think we are all wondering what this year will bring.

Happy September!


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