Posted by: Kate | August 25, 2015


This year has been so out of time when it comes to ripening fruit. Unfortunately I missed most of the blackberries while we were away, and I also missed the blueberries, as they were about a month early and finished the week-end we returned home at the local U-picks. This week however peaches were on sale, and I had managed to freeze a small bag of blackberries and had the raspberries I picked at the beginning of the summer at a local U-pick. So this past week-end was jam time!


The short jars (we call them salmon jars around here as they are most commonly used for canned salmon, but I realize elsewhere may not call them that) have raspberry peach jam in them. Heavy on the raspberry.


The skinny jars are blackberry peach, or more honestly peach blackberry. You can taste the blackberries but the jam is peach sweet for sure.

I was happy to get the jam made, as I really don’t like having to buy jam!

How about you, any jamming in your kitchen this year?



  1. I put up a few batches of wild raspberry jam myself this year.It’s so good! We also picked about 4 pounds of wild blueberries, but I haven’t gotten around to making jam with them yet…

    • Wild raspberries – don’t have those out here. We don’t jam our blueberries, just eat them frozen all winter!

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