Posted by: Kate | August 13, 2015

Being Welcomed Home

We arrived back in Canada the night of the August long week-end. Lined up at the ferry for hours, not sure if we were going to be on the 8:45pm or the 10:45pm sailing, but luckily made it on to the 8:45 sailing as one of the last five cars. We were tired and ready to head home, just chilling out on the observation deck. But then, the coast decided to welcome us home in true BC style, SuperNatural.

blue moon july 311

blue moon july 312

The sun setting over Vancouver Island as we headed west was spectacular. Then the First Mate mentioned that people should look back towards Vancouver.

blue moon july 313

It was a blue moon (second full moon of the month) and so stunning with Mt. Baker in the background.

I love coming home.


  1. Beautiful scenery!

    • Thank you – I’m always aware of how lucky we are to call this place home!

  2. Hello there! I’ve just been catching up on your last few posts. it looks as though you have had the most amazing holiday. Those sunset shots are just beautiful. What a welcome home! Ros

    • It was both a fantastic trip and a wonderful welcome home. Thanks Ros!

  3. So beautiful! For me, the welcome home is the smell of the Blues…the dry, Ponderosa Pine smell that just screams ‘home’ to me. No matter how cold, rainy or otherwise it is, the windows come open as soon as hit the Blues and I breathe in their sweet scent.

    • Ah yes. When we came home from our northern BC trip, we noticed that the central island (not so much the south) had a specific scent as well – ocean and clean air and something intangible – that wasn’t like anywhere else. Amazing how smells work.

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