Posted by: Kate | August 3, 2015

The Trip of a Lifetime

Mr. Kate, Bushboy and I have just returned from what can only be described as an amazing family road trip. 7 States, four national parks, numerous state parks. Many, many miles of driving. Many, many incredible sights seen.

In 12 days we drove from Vancouver Island to the Grand Canyon and return. We spent time on the Oregon Coast, saw the Redwood trees, drove through central California, experienced the dry heat of Arizona, drove on Route 66, gaped in awe at sunset at the Grand Canyon, marvelled at the beauty of Utah, watched geysers spray at Yellowstone Park, and enjoyed Bavarian kitsch at Leavenworth, Washington.

In between all that, we camped, played a lot of Farkle, did some shopping, ate at too many fast food restaurants and some excellent diners, and generally managed to get along.

We arrived home this week-end, and I’m still at a bit of a loss as to how to sum up the trip. There were too many separate parts, too many incredible moments.

But I know it was a trip of a lifetime.grand canyon03

grand canyon05

grand canyon20

oregon coast17

oregon coast32




  1. What a great experience! I love that picture of you in front of the geyser. I’m curious about the picture of Bushboy sitting in what looks to be an airplane seat. Where is that taken?

    • At Tilamook Air Museum in Oregon. In the seat of a mini-guppy!

  2. You are right my friend…I can’t believe I’m up here when you drove so close to my actual home–very frustrating! Although I’m used to it…folks travel in summer…I’ve missed a couple friends I haven’t seen in years that came out west this summer. Such is life.

    As for your trip…looks like you hit the major wonders of those states although I’m super impressed that it only took you 12 days to do all that. Must have been a whirlwind of a trip! The best part is just how happy the 3 of you look…glad it turned into all that you expected it to be!!! One for the memory books for sure!

    • A whirlwind of a trip indeed! And yes, overall we were happy. We were still all talking to each other the day we got home, and that’s not bad for an opinionated 15 year old and his parents!

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