Posted by: Kate | July 30, 2015

I Really Get to Work Like This

I’ve talked before about how fortunate I am that I really like my day job. I  don’t believe one should talk a lot about work on a personal blog, but I had such a great morning at work the other week, and am so spoiled, that I just had to share some of the photos.

We were out looking at a property, which required a boat trip into the Discovery Islands, just off shore from Campbell River. As we don’t have a boat at home I don’t get out into the islands as much as I’d like, so this day was a real treat.

work july1

work july2

work july3

work july4

work july5

We went a circular route, so these pictures are great samples taken from all over the Discovery Islands. This region is very popular with boaters of all types and from all over, you can see why! I loved seeing the islands from the water – you get to see how many different types of people and projects are out here, from fishing camps to logging to huge retreats and small cottages. Way more populated than people realize, and especially busy in the summer months.

We are planning more of these office field trip days this summer. I know – I’m spoiled.


  1. You have a terrific job! What an opportunity to be out on the water, and getting a close-up look at the smaller islands.

    • It was a great morning. Even better, I really like the people I work with, as well!

  2. So beautiful. I said it before, but I’m craving being around water so much lately…not exactly sure why. But we are about to head into the boreal and while I don’t necessarily think of those forests as ‘pretty’ in the traditional sense (flat…a lot have burned…ledum growing everywhere rather than prettier plants), what I do love is all the water. Certainly not the same as where you are…but it’s enough to sooth my soul just a little.

    • Glad you are finding some water. Some of the lakes up that way are beautiful as well.

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