Posted by: Kate | July 25, 2015


These knitted snakes are one of my favourite gifts. So when a little boy we love had a birthday coming up, I knew what I wanted to knit. Camo colours suite him so well. I worked this with a plain cotton and a camo acrylic. The pattern is from woolworks and originally came from a knitting list group in the 1990s. There are many other patterns out there, but I’ve used this one a number of times and it works well for me. You can find the pattern here: Harriet Kay’s knitted snake.


I firmly believe that every knitted toy needs a book to go with it. I searched high and low in our small city for a story about a snake, but this book of snakes was the only thing I could find. A red bow and a red tongue seemed to go together.

snake2 snake3

I look forward to hearing the name of this snake.



  1. What a great idea. The snake looks fabulous! Ros

  2. There it is!!! Okay, this is a seriously cool knitted toy… And I had never thought to accompany a knitted toy with a book. It’s a great idea! However…the slither and hiss part of that book…?!

    • Hey, it was for a three year old boy :) I had hoped to find an actual story book, but not much selection in my city. I found stories featuring almost every other animal though…
      A gift to a child, from me, will always include a book.

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