Posted by: Kate | July 11, 2015

Summer Rain

I don’t know that I have ever been so happy to see rain in July. And it is the good summer rain, soft and constant and soaking. The ground is so parched here on the west coast, that this rain is very welcome. I don’t think a day or two of rain is going to undo the months of dryness and the incredible low level of our lakes and rivers, but at least it will help a little. It will stop my garden from dying a slow death, for now.

july rain1

As a child I loved summer rain. Bushboy did as well. Warm and yet wet to play in, just like swimming in a warm lake. Not like our winter rain, which is harsh and cold and bone-chilling. Summer rain like today is whispers, and joy, and relaxation.

july rain2

Summer on the coast is often dry and hot, and we all feel this compulsion to live every moment of it at full speed, to get outside and live it up in the sunshine. So a day of rain is perfect for feeling ok to remain indoors, quiet, introspective, contemplative. Cleaning, perhaps, reading and knitting for certain. Enjoying the beautiful rain, while it lasts.

july rain3



  1. Your first sentence says it all, Kate. In fact, I think it’s the first time in my life I have ever wanted it to rain in July. Enjoy your day knitting and reading!

    • It was lovely. And nice that the temps today aren’t so hot as last week as well.

  2. It’s super dry in NE Oregon…way drier than normal. But generally ‘dry’ is normal. Flying home last week, I noticed in both Seattle and Vancouver that the cities were brown. i’ve never seen that in all the years I’ve been to those airports. I can imagine the rain was quite welcome! I know the feeling about rain in summer…I love to stand (play/run/etc) in it when warm…but I also love that it gives an excuse to slow down and relax indoors.

    • The brown would be normal in late August, but bizarre for late June/early July. The rain won’t take away the fire hazard as it wasn’t anywhere near enough, but it sure was welcome in the garden!

  3. oh — I forgot…love the individual pictures. ;)

    • :-)

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