Posted by: Kate | June 14, 2015


It’s a bit of a toss up every year which fruit will be plentiful and which won’t. If the sun is shining, the temperatures are out and the bees are around then you’ll get good fruit set. If not, chances aren’t as good. The one week we didn’t have great weather this spring the apple bloomed and I saw no bees. But two weeks earlier when the cherry bloomed, there were the bees.

June fruit1

Raising a child feels a bit like that. You can put the right supports in place, like the good soil and shade if required. You can help direct and suggest movement, just like pruning branches and tying to supports. But in the end, you take your chances on the outside influences of the world.

June fruit3

Temperament and personality also come into play. Just like some fruit trees seem to thrive under half neglectful conditions while others require constant supervision, so children as they grow seem to prefer one type of care over the other. But figuring out which one nurtures and produces fruit – there is the challenge.

June fruit4

I’m learning to accept these outside influences. I’m learning that I am not the sole dictator of life direction and choices, just as I can’t control the fruit from year to year, but only nurture what comes.

June fruit2

Still irritating when you only have a few apples on the tree though.



  1. Love this post, Kate. It’s so very true.

    • :-)

  2. Another excellent post Kate. And accepting the lack of control for so many things…very challenging to me and something I’ve also been working on.

    I laughed out loud at your last sentence. Thank you for that bit of humor!

    • Trust me, without humour I’d be lost some days.

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