Posted by: Kate | June 7, 2015

Passages and Transitions

Maybe it’s being so close and connected to the ocean that I tend to think about transitions and passages in life so often. The waterways here are busy with moving traffic – both natural and manmade – and the beachscapes are ever-changing with the tides.IMG_0903

With Bushboy now close to completing his first year of high school, I am aware that his school journey is getting closer to the final chapter. The world of school has played a huge role in all of our lives, as it should when it is such a big part of your child’s formative years. In particular, I have dedicated myself to parent groups, both at the school and district level. I have attended more meetings than I care to count in the past eight years and have tried to ensure a parent voice was heard. I find now that I am pulling back. The urgent need to be informed and to help inform others isn’t feeling so urgent. I find myself thinking as well that no one will really notice. It’s time for another round of parents to step up, to put the students’ and families’ needs forward. I’m not sure at this point what good it did, but I’ve done my time and tried to be a part of the bigger educational picture not just for Bushboy’s sake, but for all of his peers as well.

There are more transitions coming and new passages opening. Some of them are baffling to me, others exciting. Some are small and personal – who knew my garden just wouldn’t call me this summer? We have plans for the summer, and we are already at the beginning of a drought season, and I just can’t seem to get enthused about the garden as I have in the past. I think it will come back to me, but for now I’m accepting that it simply isn’t in me. My body is also telling me this, as I seem to have developed sciatica over the last year or so and can only work in the garden for an hour or so without taking a break.IMG_0908

Some things don’t change and are constant of course. My love for the two men in my life. The ability of water and nature to calm and ground me. My love of words. My desire to create.

How do you handle transitions in your life? Do you feel guilty when moving away from something that was once important? I am trying to not feel guilt, nor regret. Someone said to me the other day, “Regret is selfish. It only matters to you in the end, it doesn’t change anything.” I liked that, and so I strive to move forward, with no regrets.

Photos from a walk last night, along the seawalk. Just because.



  1. Oh, I think I could write a book in response to this post but I won’t. it may, however, be featured in my communications with you elsewhere at some point. That said — some transitions I fight only to look back later and wonder why. Others, I am more passive and accepting about. I think, as I get older and I as struggle through this life journey figuring things out, that my reaction is tending more into the latter category. it’s not that I care less…but maybe it’s that I’m realizing that nothing in life is static…not the good, nor the bad. Fighting it changes nothing. And regret…even less.

    This was a beautiful post Kate…the words, the sentiment, and the images. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Rachel. I love hearing how other people deal with these things.

  2. Staying close to Nature is the way forward! Ros

    • Definitely!

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