Posted by: Kate | May 12, 2015

Project Focus

My garden is overwhelming this year. It really needed serious work and new soil last year, but that didn’t happen, so now it is in dire straits. At first I was a bit dejected, but then I remembered my word. Focus. I’ve broken it up into manageable bites that I can focus on one at a time. It may not all get fixed or done up totally this year, but at least the areas I do will get done right.japanese maple2

This week-end that focus was on the front entry way and garden. My japanese maple is finally cascading the way it should, but it also had overgrown the path up to the front door. So this week-end I dug out the pavers, cut back and pulled out plants on the other side, and re-made the path. Then on Sunday when the guys asked what I wanted to do for Mothers Day I asked them for a few hours outside. We cleaned the entrance area top to bottom, even washing the siding.

japanese maple3

japanese maple4

If I look beyond I can see that there is still a lot of work to be done. But I will choose to look instead at what was accomplished, evidence that using focus works.



  1. You moved pavers. Wow!

    • To be fair, they’re only 12″ pavers and only 2″ thick. Not very heavy or anything.

  2. Great work family! I love your Mother’s Day present :)

    Your front garden looks so clean & happy. Good to hear that you’re using your word-of-the-year. Perhaps I should have taken that word also because I can’t remember mine!

    • To be fair, it’s only a small section of my front garden. The rest is still pretty messy!

  3. looks good kate!
    this post is just what i needed today. my garden’s need to be weeded and the current state of my belly are at odds with eachother :)
    i was thinking this morning i just need to get out and do a little bit everyday… it’s like this post is my cosmic pat on the head, “yes, melissa, that is exactly what you need to do!”

    • Little bits, pregnant Mama!!

  4. I’m all for breaking it down into manageable bits and trying to see what has been done rather than what hasn’t been done! it’s so great that you are using your word of the year to guide you in this manner! And oh — I do love me a japanese maple!!!

    • I know, I love the maples too!

  5. I’d say it’s looking pretty good! Love your little Japanese Maple! Ros x

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