Posted by: Kate | May 6, 2015

Spring Walks

With the light later in the evenings and the sunny week-ends we’ve been having, Mr. Kate and I have been going for very nice walks in and around our neighbourhood. We are fortunate to have a number of trails as well as great streets to walk along near our home, so we mix it up as not to get bored. April was a beautiful month, and I took my camera with me a number of times to practise.

wildflowers april spring blossom april collage

I am determined to understand my camera in manual settings, so a number of these pictures had to be edited for lighting once I loaded them onto the computer. I find in manual my pictures are coming out very dark, so I will have to read up on my settings some more and see what I need to adjust. I’m having fun though!



  1. Beautiful photos. You’re taking some great shots! Ros

    • Thanks Ros!

  2. i’m also enjoying the light later in the evenings… so many beautiful blooms, thanksfor sharing!

    • They’re changing so fast with our warm weather.

  3. Such beautiful images. SO glad to see you spending time with your camera!! You’ll figure it all out in time…take a shot and adjust. Rinse and repeat. ;)

    • I did figure it out! At least the dark part – lots more to figure out still :)

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