Posted by: Kate | April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Today the sun is shining and I am working out in the garden at last. It feels great, and I’m taking lots of progress pictures to share! But for now I’m sharing photos from yesterday. It was a blustery day and I joined my mum for a walk along the Tsolum River. In between rain showers I took photos of the carpets of wild easter lilies. I love trying to capture all their colours, from the white of first opening to the dark pink of finished blooms. So beautiful.easter lilies 1

easter lilies 2

easter lilies 3

easter lilies 4

easter lilies 5

easter lilies 6



  1. The wild lilies are so pretty. The trillium is already out here. Do you think it’s earlier than usual for the wildflowers to be blooming?

    • My mum says it’s early for sure. There were trilliums as well, but deeper in the trees so harder to get a good photo.

  2. Such pretty little flowers. I think you’ve done a great job of capturing all the shades of colour! Ros

    • Thanks!

  3. Oh wow, these flowers are beautiful. I love their delicate nature and the colours are sublime. Thx for sharing your wonderful photos! It’s great you spent this time with your dear Mum.

    • The colours really are amazing!

  4. so delicate and beautiful!

    • They are such a treat on a rainy day walk.

  5. interesting that I’m not familiar with this one…such beauty…so delicate. Our spring has been so dry that many of the normal flowers are either showing up and then drying out way early or not showing up at all. sad and scary. thanks for sharing these beautiful captures!

    • My lilacs have been blooming for two weeks. Lilacs blooming in April?!?!

      • I know right? I just commented on denise’s blog that I’ve been able to enjoy my lilacs for the first time in 5 years since it’s such an early dry year (they normally bloom after I leave for the field). it’s scary to me on one hand, but on the other, I’m pretty excited to smell that scent again…one of my favorites and I have missed it. i have some on my table and I have the windows open breathing in that scent every time I pass…

      • I always think of you when my lilacs bloom.

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