Posted by: Kate | March 15, 2015


I remember 15. I left private school for a public high school – all at my instigation and with reluctant support from my parents once they realized I couldn’t be swayed. I found a new academic program at a high school across town from where we lived, and arranged for an interview. I took charge.

I met my husband at 15. I met my closest friend at 15.

Bushboy turned 15 this week. My little boy. 15.

And remembering all those things of my life at 15, I am forced to respect that he also knows his mind. That things are now happening in his life that may be in play for the rest of his life. That he is capable of making decisions, as I was, that will shape his directions and intentions.

He is working now, part-time at a coffee shop. He always has been his own person, but he is becoming his own young adult.

Parenting at this age is trickier. It is a lot more of suggesting, of calmly guiding, of listening intently. It is beginning to let go and yet loving and supporting fiercely.

Me and my boy

We are at the beginning of a new type of partnership, this boy and I. Exciting, terrifying and exhilarating.


  1. What a lovely post to honor Bushboy’s 15th year. I wonder if that was also the year I turned into an ‘adult’…my best friend’s dad committed suicide that year making us grow up in a hurry and realize how harsh life can be sometimes. Up until then, I was lucky…and carefree…and naive. It was also likely the time that my folks and I started butting heads more and more as I grew into myself. From that perspective I can imagine it’s a tricky time in parenting! I wish you patience and peace! ;)

    • Sounds like a very defining year for you.
      Patience and peace have always been a goal in this parenting household ;)

  2. Happy birthday to Bushboy! This was a wonderful post, Kate. So much love and wisdom contained in your words.

    • Thanks Kristie. It’s an interesting journey as you well know.

  3. this is a beautiful post kate, and the perfect photo to accompany it.
    happiest of birthdays to bb!

    • I love the photo too. He’s had a great time of it, to be completed this week-end with a friend celebration (was family last week-end).

  4. it seems that one of the hardest things about parenting is knowing how and when to let go a little. already when i’m snuggling my little one i’m nervous about the day when he won’t want to cuddle his mama anymore. this is a beautiful reflection and a lovely post.

    • Absolutely one of the biggest challenges of parenting.

  5. Happy 15th Birthday BB! Wow, when did he become 15?! Sorry I’m late, just catching up now. Life.

    I love the photo of you & BB & Chica. Your huge, proud smile is the best!

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